Rocking Motherhood

I’ve been tagged by Becki over at The Mum From Brum in White Camellias #rockingmotherhood tag. 

This is a challenge where you are supposed to list 10 reasons why you are #rockingmotherhood which is surprisingly difficult…us mum’s can be really hard on ourselves! 
Me, ‘Rocking Motherhood’?

I can’t say I’m quite sure,

Sometimes you watch the iPad, 

And eat raisins off the floor.

I let you stay up late,

And fall asleep on my tummy,

I don’t always wipe your nose,

When it’s really runny.

The house is often messy,

The washing soon piles up,

We always seem to be running late,

And I sometimes forget your cup.

I don’t take you to swimming lessons,

Not every meal is homemade,

I even borrowed some formula once,

As yours had been mislaid…

Being a Mummy is hard,

I don’t always know what to do,

I constantly find myself on Google,

As I just don’t have a clue.

Sometimes late at night, 

When you just don’t want to sleep,

I secretly wish I could run away,

But I just break down and weep.

I often feel quite lonely,

Like I’m the only one who can’t cope,

But when I see your cheeky smile,

It gives me strength and hope.

You’re this perfect little baby,

How could I be so lucky?

I think, ‘I must have done something right’,

As I watch you “quack” to your duckie.

Every day you smile and laugh,

I couldn’t ask for more,

My little pea, my Jessie doll,

Who I absolutely adore.

I’m most definitely not perfect,

But I know this much is true, 

You’re happy and you’re healthy,

And guess what? I am too. 

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