{The Ordinary Moments 2017 #3} I love where I live! ❤️

I have lived in Blackpool my whole life, never really thought about it before, but it has come up in conversations a few times lately and I really feel so lucky to be able to call this seaside town my home.

There’s always things to do, places to go, shows to see. It’s a lovely place to bring up children.

We have Blackpool Zoo (which I don’t visit as regularly as I would like) but I’ve decided to make it a weekly routine to take Jessie there once a week now I’m back at work. We have a Zoo pass and I really need to make better use of it! It’s so easy to pop in, even for just half an hour or so, when you only live around the corner!

Living so close to the beach is fab, especially if you have a dog who loves swimming! Josie gets so excited when I say we are going for walkies on the beach 🐶💛 Although I do have to say, I really don’t enjoy bathing her/drying her off after she’s been in the sea! 😩 It’s a mission and a half!

I’m not a fan of rides, so the Pleasure Beach is wasted on me. However I love going to see the Hot Ice Show at the arena. My mum used to take me several times a year as a child and it’s one of my favourite memories 💕 That along with watching Summer Holiday and Oh What a Night at The Grand Theatre too many times to mention 🙈 We knew every song word for word… I think my mum had a crush on Darren Day 😂 In fact, I’m sure her 40th birthday cake was made to look like the Summer Holiday red bus!

And that’s not even the half of it, there is the Sandcastle Waterpark, the Sea life Centre, of course the famous Blackpool Tower and much more – the list is endless. I can’t wait to take Jessie to watch the circus, she might just be old enough now to appreciate it.

We visited the Blackpool Tower Eye with Jessie earlier this year – you can check out a video of our day by clicking here.

But of course Illuminations season is now upon us, which marks the start of one of my favourite times of the year. 💥

Every Friday in September there is a World Fireworks Championship display. It’s a bit of a tradition for us now, we get all wrapped up and walk down the seafront every Friday night watching the show, usually buying a bag of chips or donuts too!

We have done it for years, it used to be just me and Matt, and we’d sometimes take Matt’s nephew and go along the pier too with a bag of 2ps for the slot machine! Then we got Josie dog, which added another dimension to our little Friday evening outings. One year when she was just a little puppy, we bought her a flashing collar. I remember a little boy saying ‘look, it’s a police dog!’.

And of course this year we have Jessie! (We did take her last year but she was far too young to have a clue what was going on!)

Jessie has made it even more special for me this September. She squeals with excitement and shouts ‘wow!’ at the lights ❤️ It has been so lovely 😊 and made me one happy mummy 💕

I hope, when Jessie is older, that she too has fond memories of being brought up surrounded by all of these fantastic attractions 💛😊

I must make sure I make the most of all the great things our home town has to offer ❤️

As always, thank you for reading ☺️

And thank you to Donna at What the Redhead Said for hosting the ordinary moments linky.

The Ordinary Moments

3 thoughts on “{The Ordinary Moments 2017 #3} I love where I live! ❤️

  1. Blackpool is on my bucket list for the year of places I’d love to visit. It looks like so much fun and so vibrant. I’m hoping to squeeze in a visit in November/December x

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