Easy Peasy King Prawn Linguine | Cooking with Kids

Lately, Jessie has been a bit of a pain with eating her food. She’s not a fussy eater whatsoever, never has been, but I was finding meal times increasingly stressful. I researched on the internet and found various tips about what to do.

One tip I came across regularly was involving your children in the cooking process. I tried this with Jessie tonight and she absolutely loved being involved!

We made king prawn pasta and baked chocolate bananas for pudding (I know… pudding on a Monday night! Living the high life over here 😉)

This pasta dish is one of my absolute favourites and so so quickand easy to make.

I use frozen chopped onions from Aldi, which I find so convenient. I hate chopping onions! So Jessie’s first job was to help me put them in the pan, with a little olive oil. I then fried them off.

Next, we put some penne pasta in a pan and I added boiling water, cooking as per the instructions on the packet (obviously Jessie couldn’t help with that part!)

Then I added a packet of precooked king prawns to the onions.

I love this stir in pasta sauce from Aldi; the roasted pepper one is also delicious.

Then all I do is stir it all together and then sprinkle with cheese! Sometimes I add in frozen peas too, to include some veg, but I forgot to do this tonight 🙈

Served up with garlic dough balls from Aldi! It went down a treat. 👍🏻

Now onto pudding…

I cut a slit down two bananas and Jessie helped me to stuff them with dark chocolate chips. I then wrapped them in tin foil and put them in the oven on gas mark 6 for 25 minutes. When they came out the oven they were really hot, too hot for Jessie! I wasn’t quite sure how to serve them. They didn’t look too appetising but honestly tasted delicious!

I added strawberries, which complimented the flavours nicely. Ice cream would also have been a good addition! I really enjoyed involving Jessie in cooking tea so will definitely make this a more regular occurrence! As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, Jessie has been refusing to eat a lot of things lately and just generally being a bit of a fuss pot.

Involving her in the cooking process definitely seemed to work, but the one thing that has made the biggest difference is not using a ‘children’s’ plate. If her food is exactly the same as mine and on the same type of plate as mine, she wolfs the lot down! Have you tried cooking with your kids? I’d love to hear how you got on!

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Thank you so much for reading – let me know if you try either of the recipes and what you think!

Kate xxx


8 thoughts on “Easy Peasy King Prawn Linguine | Cooking with Kids

  1. My grandson is a fussy eater, we do lots of baking and cooking together but he won’t eat it lol. He loves making cakes, but hates eating them. He does like making and eating bread and scrambled eggs though and he loves bananas and chocolate. I’m not sure he’d eat your bananas but I would! #blogtober17

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They are so funny with their little personalities aren’t they? It’s lovely that he enjoys baking with you ☺️ Xx


    1. Oh thank you! They are from John Lewis but are hand-me-downs from my cousin so I’m guessing no longer available. Hope your little girl get easier for you soon! Xx


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