Jessie’s first trip to the library | Blogtober Day 5

I’ve been meaning to take Jessie to the library for a while now as she loves books, so this afternoon that’s what we did! We went to Palatine Library in Blackpool, which is about a 5 minute drive from where I live… and it certainly did not disappoint! They have the most fabulous children’s section, with a huge colourful wall mural, a tree shaped bookcase and lots of big cushions and bean bags. There was even a corner set up with play mats where there was some toys and a blackboard to draw on. We spent about 45 minutes there; Jessie enjoyed going and choosing books off the shelf for us to read together. I was really impressed with the selection and quality of the books available. They had both modern and traditional tales and loved seeing which books Jessie showed an interest in. The atmosphere (as you’d expect in a library) was really calm and relaxed. It was a much nicer place to spend an afternoon than a soft play area! I can’t believe all of this is on my doorstep… for free! Do you take your children to the library? It was such a nice way to spend quality time together and I’m looking forward to many more library trips with my little bookworm! Thanks for reading and thank you once again to Hex Mum Blog for doing such a great job of hosting Blogtober17!


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