10 car organisation tips for parents | Blogtober Day 7

As a mum (and dog owner) my car often gets in a horrendous mess! I’ve taken a bit of inspiration from Emily Norris’ Car Hacks video to attempt to keep my car a bit tidier!

1. Having a Labrador, means my car gets absolutely full of dog hairs. Have you ever tried vacuuming dog hairs out of a car boot? It’s sooo hard! So I bought a boot liner which I can take out and wash every couple of weeks to try keep the hairs at bay!

2. I also got a dog guard fitted, to stop her from jumping through to the back seats. I got this one from Halfords and it was great because they also fitted it for me free of charge!

3. My next tip is to get some of these funny looking window sun shades! They do look odd, but they go over the whole of the window with elastic and it means you can still have the window open at the same time. This was great on hot days in the summer, for both my little girl and the dog.

I got mine from Amazon (click here) and they have been invaluable. They leave no gaps for the sun to shine through and there are no annoying suction cups to keep coming un-stuck! I just pop them on and off every time I put my little girl in the car.

4. The next thing I would recommend doing, in particular for long journeys, is to get some sort of tablet holder. I got this one from Home Bargains. I have the BBC iPlayer Kids app, where you can download your child’s favourite shows for free, which means you don’t need wifi to watch them!

5. I also keep a couple of books/toys in the back seat pocket. On my other back seat pocket I have ’emergency’ nappies and wipes so we never get caught short!

6. I recently bought a holder for my phone from TK Maxx which just clips onto the air vents. I love having a place for my phone to go and it’s also really handy for when I’m using the Sat Nav on my phone.

7. I always seem to end up with random bits of rubbish in my car, it drives me crazy! So to combat this issue, I have attached a sticky back command hook next to my seat to hang a bag on. Any rubbish can be put in this bag ready to take in… and it doesn’t look like I’ve got a bag of rubbish hanging in my car as I’ve used a pretty gift bag!

8. I prefer using a ‘trigger action’ de-icer spray, rather than a aerosol type spray which ends up freezing my fingers! I’ve stocked up ready for winter and will keep this safely away from the dog and children in the passenger seat door pocket. I also got some screen wash and a funnel to make it nice and easy to pour into my car! I normally end up getting in a right mess, but it was nice and easy this time!

9. Having a dog means my car can easily get a bit pongy. I suffer with travel sickness though and find that tradition car air fresheners make it worse. Instead, I have bought a Neutradol gel odour destroyer which fits nicely in one of my cup holders!

10. Finally, I would recommend keeping tissues handy in the driver seat door pocket, as well as any parking passes that you only occasionally need to display. I’ve also got some interior car wipes, so I can give my dash board a quick once over, if I’m ever sat waiting in my car.

I hope you find some of these tips useful! Do you have any to add to my list? I really could do with all the help I can get!!

Thanks for hosting Blogtober Hex Mum!


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