The first time Jessie laughed | Blogtober Day 10

Do you remember the first time your little one laughed? What was it that their little mind found funny?

Jessie was sat in her pram ready to go out and Matt started making a silly noise at her (a bit like he was shooting a gun… how appropriate 🙄😂)

I was so excited, I kept saying to Matt, “Again! Again!”, like I was some kind of Teletubbie.

She was just under 4 months old and I think this is one of the only times I managed to get a photo with one of these ‘milestone cards’! (Is it just me that couldn’t keep up with these and found them to be stressful?!)

It was such a precious moment and I’m so glad that we have the technology these days to instantly capture these ‘firsts’.

I remember being gutted because I couldn’t make the sound and therefore couldn’t make her laugh. I soon found my own ways of making her giggle though.

Nowadays she giggles all the time! If she hears me laughing, she’ll do this little fake laugh along with me like she understands the joke. This just makes me laugh even more and we get stuck in this cycle of laughing at each other. I love these moments.

We went to the park this afternoon and she spent the whole time giggling with excitement. I wish I could laugh as easily as she does!

I got some lovely photos that are definitely on my ‘favourites’ list!


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