Weekly Meal Plan #1 | Blogtober day 11

I’m not particularly following slimming world, but I would like to try and fit back into my jeans which I can’t fasten up at the moment! 🙈
All my tea/evening meals are slimming world friendly recipes, as are the majority of my snacks/lunches. Breakfasts will just be the usual toast/porridge/cereal.
Sunday – Roast Lamb Dinner
I will be cooking my leg of lamb in the slow cooker by simply putting it on low for about 8 hours with an inch of boiling water.
I plan to serve with roasted vegetables, gravy and mint sauce.
Monday – Tomato and basil soup
Now that it’s getting colder, I love a good homemade soup. This recipe takes less than half an hour (apparently!). I will be serving with crusty bread, which is probably not SW friendly!
Tuesday – Fish Pie
I think Jessie will like this fish pie recipe and it’s something I will make ahead of time in the afternoon. I’m going to exchange the swede for normal potatoes, as I hate cutting swede!
Wednesday – Mushroom and baked bean jacket potatoes
We generally tend to have a ‘jacket potato night’ once a week to keep down the costs of our food bill. This topping idea is not something I’ve tried before but thought it might jazz up our jacket potato night! 😂
Thursday – Bolognese pasta bake
Pasta is one of my favourite things to have, so I like to have one dish on my list each week! This Slimming World recipe looks right up my street, although I will also be serving it with garlic bread.
Friday – Chicken Tikka Masala
I’m planning on getting this sauce from Iceland and popping in the slow cooker with some chicken and onions. I’ll serve up with rice, popadoms and naan bread seeing as it’s Friday!
This is the one meal I won’t give to Jessie, so will probably make her something quick and easy like fish fingers.
Oh and I found this SW friendly curly wurly brownie recipe, courtesy of Turmeric Slim, that I thought I could make with Jessie at some point!
What are your favourite slimming world recipes? Post any links in the comments as I’d love to give them a try!
I’m joining in with Hex Mum Blog who is hosting Blogtober17, a post a day throughout October!

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