Josie Dog and Jessie Doll: A True Love Story | Blogtober Day 12

When we first brought Jessie home from the hospital, our Labrador Josie experienced a ‘phantom pregnancy’. The vet said she was most likely picking up on my hormones. The best way to solve the problem, and stop it from occurring again in the future, was to get her spayed. They are now well and truly the best of friends! 💕

Something wasn’t right.
I could sense it.
In fact, something hadn’t been right for months. And then all of a sudden I didn’t see Mum for days and Dad was hardly ever here.
What was going on?
Then, they both returned, but with this thing. This thing had never been in my house before. It made horrible noises and funny smells and lots of people must have heard about it because we had lots of visitors to see the thing (visitors who I had to welcome enthusiastically each time by jumping up and sniffing and licking them – it was exhausting!)
Like I said earlier, I knew something wasn’t quite right, and then I suddenly realised what it was – I was going to have a baby! I spent lots of time making a nice bed for my puppies and I could feel my milk coming in. But it was making me feel really sad. I wasn’t quite sure what to do with myself. I didn’t really fancy eating any of my food or going on walkies like usual. I found sitting in a corner was the one thing that made me feel calm.
One day Mum took me to the vets with JuJu. I like the ladies over there; they give me treats and make a big fuss of me! I’m not quite sure what happened this time, I’d obviously been to sleep but when I woke up my tummy was really sore and I felt a bit poorly.
I was so excited when Mum came to pick me up but she must have known how sore I was because she wouldn’t let me jump up at her to say hello. Even still, I hope she wasn’t offended.
That night, Mum, Dad and the thing slept downstairs with me! It was like a sleepover! Dad even let me wear one of his t-shirts. I was quite glad to be having a sleepover downstairs with them that night, as I’m not sure I actually would have been able to walk up the stairs.
When I woke up the next day, I realised I wasn’t having a baby… Mum had had a baby! The thing was my baby sister! Now everything made sense. And from that day forward I made it my mission to protect her, just like I protect Mum and Dad. She is part of our family.
We go on walkies together and she even shares her food with me.
I always check on her before I go to sleep at night…
Sure she can be annoying… pulling at my ears and just being plain noisy. But she’s getting better – now she can just about throw the ball for me! I can’t wait for her to get a bit bigger so we can play together properly.
My favourite time is when she’s asleep; I’ll snuggle up next to her and have lovely dreams.
My sister. Jessie doll. I will always love you, no matter what.

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