A trip down memory lane: my baby photographs

I love looking back at old photographs from when I was a child. I’m really lucky because my Mum also got a video camera just before I turned 1, so I have LOADS of home videos too. It wasn’t such a common occurrence to have video cameras back then.

I find it funny that my Mum spent so much time filming me and now I’m doing the same with Jessie. I love it though. I could spend hours watching those old videos. My Mum cringes because we all laugh at how there’s hours of footage of me just walking round in circles, not doing anything exciting. But back then it wasn’t as easy to edit your videos!

She also did a great job of putting together photo albums from my first few years. Here are some of my favourite photos ☺️

I LOVE this little bonnet!

Standard ‘having a bath in the sink’ photo..!

Check out that funky carpet 😂

Jessie does this pose now when she says ‘pleaseeee’ 😍

We went to Disneyland Paris when I was 4; I don’t really remember it – only from photos and videos. I’d still love to take Jessie while she’s young though – for my benefit not hers!

Disney World can wait ’til she’s old enough to remember!!

We were lucky enough to go to Center Parcs many, many times and I have really fond memories of going there. I can’t wait to take Jessie! I was however really scared of the water – I didn’t learn to swim til I was older. I managed to go in the baby pool though which was just a few inches deep!

These photos of me as a newborn really remind me of Jessie… they are a bit fuzzy but I can really see her in me.

It’s strange because when Jessie was first born, all I could see was a mini Matt!

This is Jessie – can you see the resemblance? Or am I just talking rubbish? 😂

Kate 1991

Jessie 2017

I hope Jessie loves looking back on her childhood just as much as I do 💕

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