The Tiger Who Came to Tea: Live on Stage at The Grand Theatre, Blackpool | AD

If you follow me on social media, or have read my previous blog post, you will know that today we took Jessie to see The Tiger Who Came to Tea at The Grand Theatre in Blackpool. We had been really excited about taking Jessie to see her first real show and it certainly did not disappoint. The whole experience, from start to finish, exceeded my expectations in every way. From the friendly and helpful members of staff, to the simple little extras such as giving out stickers to all the children, Tigers Tea Live was unforgettable.

When we arrived at The Grand Theatre, we were greeted by some lovely ladies who asked Jessie if she had come to see the Tiger. Jessie responded in the way any 1 and a half year old would, and shouted ‘Tiger!’. We collected our tickets and they directed us around the corner to where there was a free activity of making Tiger masks. I thought this was a lovely way to get the children involved in the experience right from the start.

Jessie was very particular about her mask and didn’t want any help… she wanted to do it all herself 🙄 Typical Miss Independent.

When we were inside the actual theatre, we were provided with a booster seat for Jessie and there were refreshments for sale if you needed any. A nice lady came round talking to the children and gave me and Jessie a sticker (I’m not sure why I got one and Matt didn’t!)

Jessie wasn’t sure about the fizzy sweets… 🤣

The show itself was fantastically performed. The three actors were cast perfectly, matching the characters in the book to a tee. I was particularly impressed with Abbey Norman, who played the little girl Sophie. She had me in a complete trance; every movement she made was just how I would picture a little girl to be.

The show was really well thought out, with lots of interaction for the children to take part in. Jessie got into it after about 10 minutes and started shouting out things that she saw… Door! Teddy! Tiger! Stars! Half way through all the children had the opportunity to get up and dance, which was perfect timing for their concentration levels.

I love the magic of Theatre and even as an adult it had me guessing… I was sure that the actor who played the Dad was the same person who was dressed up as the Tiger… but then at the very end both Dad and the Tiger appeared on stage together! It was a magical experience for us all which had me smiling from ear to ear all the way through.

After the show, we went out for tea to Pizza Hut. I was surprised how busy everywhere was for a Monday night but then Matt reminded me it was half term.

The stickers continued to entertain Jessie whilst we were waiting for our food…

I couldn’t resist ordering the Macaroni Cheese Pizza… which was actually supposed to be a ‘sharer’… oops! Look at the size of it!!

But of course Jessie did help me eat a little bit…

I think we made a great choice for Jessie’s first show and I can’t wait to take her to more shows in the future! The Grand Theatre offers a great selection of family friendly shows, all of which can be found by clicking here. Let me know which shows you are planning on taking your little ones to in the comments!

This post has been written in collaboration with The Grand Theatre Blackpool. All views are my own.

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