WHAT MY KID WORE | A/W 2017 | #5

Top, Next | Jeggings, Nutmeg @ Morrisons | Gilet, Primark | Trainers, Next

I nearly didn’t join in with #wmkww this week as I didn’t manage to get any nice photos of Jessie today, modelling her cute outfit.

Instead we made malteasers fudge (see recipe here) and she got chocolate all over her nice pink top 🙈

But this is the reality of what Jessie’s clothes usually end up looking like at the end of the day! This quote sums her up perfectly 💕

Linking up with Sarah from This Mama Life for What My Kid Wore Wednesday… who has featured Jessie in her post this week! 😊

This Mama Life

4 thoughts on “WHAT MY KID WORE | A/W 2017 | #5

  1. She looked like she had a lot of fun making the fudge! I’m was always so precious about my daughter getting stuff on her clothes, that she often didn’t get to wear things before she grew out of them! Now I’m better but I ready to throw them straight in the wash! ha ha x


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