Croissants in bed | The Ordinary Moments

Sunday mornings are perfect for breakfast in bed (as it’s the day we change our bedding so it doesn’t matter if we get crumbs everywhere!) and today it was croissants 🥐

Matt goes for butter and jam as his choice of topping but for me, it HAS to be chocolate spread 🖤

Jessie, of course, had one of each… she is half me and half Matt I guess!

And it just wouldn’t be the same if we weren’t being scrutinised by Josie dog, who carefully watches us eat every meal.

Whilst we were enjoying our croissants, it only went and started snowing! So we quickly jumped out of bed, wrapped up warm and went to play!

Jessie has never seen snow, in fact the last time it snowed was the day Jessie was born!

Celebrating ‘the ordinary moments’ with Donna from What the Redhead Said.The Ordinary Moments

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