To my gorgeous baby girl,

I just cannot believe you are two years old. Two whole years you have been in our lives!

Every day you learn something new and surprise me with your knowledge. I love hearing your little voice and how you are starting to string sentences together.

“Mummy catch me”

“Naughty Josie dog”

“Daddy, are you?” (Which means where are you!)

You are also very polite and always say “Thank you Mummy” whenever I do something for you, which I absolutely love. ☺️💕

I heard you counting in your cot this morning…. one, two, three, seven, eight, nine, ten! I don’t know what happens to four, five and six as you always miss them out. You’ll get there though!

I love how you find life so exciting; everything you do is accompanied with an infectious giggle.

You love to dance on your tippy toes, run around in circles and pose with your bum stuck out to one side!

You hate the bath and having your hair washed. Unfortunately it’s something we have to do and it breaks my heart every time, seeing your little body shaking with fear. I love how tight you cuddle me afterwards though.

We bought you a kitchen for your birthday, which you love cooking in, washing up and making cups of tea. You like to stand on a little stool so you can reach the microwave at the top. You shut the door and make the appropriate sound effects – hmmmm, ding! Ready! – then serve up the food on a little plastic plate. I actually caught you ‘microwaving’ Josie’s toys the other day!! Cheeky little thing 😉

I can’t wait to see what the next year has in store for us… I hope you keep giggling ❤️

Lots of love from

Mummy xxxxxxxxxx

Jessie’s 2nd Birthday Vlog

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