My little fussy eater?

Jessie has always been a fantastic eater; something she has always been complimented on from the moment we started weaning her. However, lately she’s getting a bit more ‘fussy’ and I have to say I’m finding it quite stressful!

I dread tea time as I just don’t know how it’s going to go. Sometimes she will only eat if we spoon feed her (making each mouthful as exciting as possible (Open wide! Here comes the train! Quick, eat it before Daddy does!) and other times she point blank will not let us near her spoon.

I’m not sure if she is actually being fussy, or just throwing around her new found independence as a two year old.

She has no trouble eating biscuits and chocolate, of course. It’s just the healthy stuff I’m struggling to get down her!

Anyway, fingers crossed it is a short lived stage that she’s going through!

I love watching “What My toddler eats in a day” videos on You Tube as they give me inspiration for different ideas, particularly when I get stuck in a rut with what to feed Jessie, so I decided to film one of my own… here it is!

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