Little Cousins on Easter Sunday 💛

Every year, my mum sets up a ‘little’ Easter egg hunt for Jessie and my cousin’s little girls. I say ‘little’ but there were actually 104 eggs hidden this year!!

The girls had a really lovely time finding the eggs and it was so cute seeing how excited they were. Ana (the eldest girl) was really sweet with Jessie and helped her reach the eggs that were too high for her 💛

They also played an egg and spoon race… although Jessie didn’t understand that you had to balance the egg on the spoon! She giggled her head off whilst she ran up and down the grass anyway!

Bacon butties and hot cross buns were served, alongside the copious amounts of chocolate eggs! Poor Jessie didn’t understand why she couldn’t eat ALL the chocolate ALL at once!

Uncle Bob (my brother) was also over this weekend and had bought Jessie the most gorgeous Easter Minnie Mouse – it is super soft and cuddly. He ordered it online where you can get free personalisation so it has a little tag on saying Jessie, which just makes it that little bit more special.

I love looking back at old photos on occasions like this… look how much the girls have grown since last year!

And this is Jessie the year before that….!

As if that wasn’t enough excitement for one day, we also took the girls to an Easter party in the afternoon where they danced and played party games… which we then decided to carry on at my cousin’s house (with a few cheeky glasses of wine for the grown ups!)

We really had a perfect day 💛 I wonder what next Easter will bring?

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