Family Day Out at Blackpool Zoo

As I’ve been off work for the Easter holidays, Matt decided to book a day off so that we could do something nice as a family. Blackpool Zoo were running an offer for 50% off for locals throughout March so it was a no brainier to take advantage of this! However when we got there we ended up using our Christmas money to buy annual passes as they also had 20% off… and that means we can go as many times as we please now, without having to worry about money!

When we got there, the first thing we saw was the gorillas on an island in the middle of some water; I was transfixed by them! There is also a baby gorilla at the moment so it was lovely to see him safely tucked in the arms of his mummy! 💕

I love this photo of Jessie (above) roaring outside the tigers cage!

We weren’t that organised so hadn’t brought a picnic or anything, however be warned – the seagulls were seriously scary and I wouldn’t have felt safe eating a picnic outside anyway! We got some chips from the cafe and took shelter (from the greedy seagulls) under a parasol!

Jessie absolutely loves watching Pingu at the moment and she enjoyed watching the penguins in real life. There was just one swimming round; we tried to get a photo with it in the background – if you look closely you can just about see it!

[But I want to go] “That way Daddy!” 😣

Jessie did start to get a little bit grumpy towards the end of our trip… she had missed her nap though to be fair to her! Is it bad that I love her grumpy face just as much as her happy face!?

Jessie loved it inside Amazonia, where the little monkeys are all running around but the grand finale was the new ‘Project Elephant’ section. There is music playing which really gets you in the mood and they had a really nice looking food stand (which if we had known about would definitely have been our eatery of choice!).

As always, I have made a little video… so if you fancy watching it here is the link!

I cant wait to go back again soon and make the most of my pass!

Kate xxx

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