I’ve been a member at Blackpool Zoo since Jessie was only a few weeks old; I spent a lot of my maternity leave walking around and looking at the animals in between sitting on benches feeding a hungry baby!

Anyway, I feel I know it inside out now so here are my top tips for getting the best out of your visit to Blackpool Zoo.

1. Download the Blackpool Zoo App

Did you know Blackpool Zoo has its very own app? It is full of information about the animals, different activities, has an interactive map and the section I found most useful was the “Talks, Feeds and Displays”, which gives full details for each day and you can even set notifications to remind you when a talk is coming up! This means you won’t miss any of your favourite talks! Brilliant!

Blackpool Zoo App

2. Fun on the farm

This is by far one of Jessie’s favourite parts of the zoo and every day they do an interactive session (or two) where you can meet the animals and get to feed them too. We’ve done this a few times now and it seems to be a different activity each time; so far we have got to cuddle the guinea pigs, feed the alpacas, meet a donkey and tickle the goats! There’s plenty sinks too so you can wash your hands afterwards.

3. Project Elephant Base Camp

I absolutely love this new section of the zoo. It has music playing which sets the scene perfectly and I think the way it has been decorated with hand painted murals is fab and makes it a really modern and inviting part of the zoo. The elephants have so much space now and they really are magnificent creatures to see.

There is also a new eatery – Nawala Street Food (named after a street in Sri Lanka) -which looks much more exciting than the traditional cafe as it serves a selection of oriental dishes such as noodles, samosas and curries. I have to say I haven’t yet tried the food but I definitely will be doing this summer!

4. Avoid the seagulls!

One thing that almost ruins my experience of the zoo is the seagulls! They are so greedy and will literally take your food out of your hands – they are very brave and not fazed by humans at all! The grassed areas and benches around the park, where it looks like the perfect place for a picnic, should most definitely be avoided. If you are planning on eating your sandwiches outside, I suggest you look for a quieter area – I recommend wolf ridge. There are benches both at the top and bottom and no seagulls to contend with!

5. Sea Lion display

Blackpool Zoo has the UK’s largest sea lion arena and it holds displays every day. Active Oceans is home to Gina, Anya and Elmo along with sea lion pup Rubi, who show off their impressive skills in and out of the water.

I personally like to watch the show from outside the ‘arena’. At either side there are viewing panels, and with a toddler it is much easier to sit here in case we need to make a swift exit. It also means I don’t have to leave the pram unmanned – as prams are not allowed inside the main seating area and must be left in the buggy park.

I hope you found this information useful for your next trip to Blackpool Zoo – please let me know about your visit in the comments below ☺️

If you enjoyed this blog, you might be interested to see my Vlog from one of our visits to the zoo…!

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Thank you so much for reading 😘

Kate xxx

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