Billy-Bob’s Parlour, Myerscough

Some friends of mine visited Billy-Bob’s and highly recommended it so much so it made me want to try it out… and they were absolutely right! What a lovely way to spend a morning (or afternoon!)

Here’s the low down…

  • Located off Garstang Road in Barton, Preston, it was about a 20 minute drive from my house in Blackpool which is close to the M55
  • Plenty of free parking when you get there
  • £2 entry fee for children which gets them a wristband for 2 hours play
  • Large outdoor play park and an indoor barn which has rope swings, zip wires and slides
  • Kiosk sells milkshakes, ice cream, waffles and pancakes
  • You aren’t allowed to bring in your own food but as of next week they will also be selling burgers and hot dogs
  • Toilets look like port a loos but inside they are actually proper toilets!

Here are a couple of photos from our morning 😊

Here are the current drink and dessert menus…

And this school bus is being transformed into an eating area for next week so there will be indoor/undercover seating available too…how cool!

You can also check out my You Tube video where you can see how much fun the girls had!

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch ☺️

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