The Solaris Centre, Blackpool

If you’re anything like me, you’re looking for ways to keep the kids entertained (and tire them out) on a budget!

A bike/scooter ride down Blackpool promenade is always a winner for us! We went from Starr Gate to the Solaris Centre.

It’s a nice smooth ride for little legs and has a few ramps if they like to go a bit faster!

We stopped off at the Solaris Centre which is opposite where the glitter ball should be (it’s currently been taken down for renovations).

Jessie went on the park whilst I enjoyed refreshments from the cafe, Caffe C at The Solaris. It’s cheap and cheerful for drinks, snacks and ice lolly’s .

There is both indoor and outdoor seating available and, if you have a dog, there are a few designated dog friendly seats inside too if you don’t want to sit outside.

The park is only small but perfect for younger children.

There is also quite a large field, perfect for playing games on!

Jessie had a fab time and was clearly worn out by the time we got home!

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