Lytham Hall, Dinosaur Door Trail

Yesterday we visited the beautiful Lytham Hall as I had seen the Dinosaur Door Trail advertised on Facebook.

Parking is pay and display and very reasonably priced. You can pay cash or card which is handy.

We collected a map for £1 from the Estate Office. You could do the trail without the map but the money goes towards maintenance of the grounds which I wanted to support.

Jessie loved ticking off the dinosaurs as we found them around the trail.

There is also a map on the back of the tick sheet but my map reading skills weren’t up to scratch so we didn’t quite find them all! Think we are going to go back another day for a further look!

The Lytham Hall grounds are absolutely beautiful and it’s a lovely place to explore.

There is also a cafe/tea room on site with both indoor and outdoor outdoor seating available.

We had a lovely morning out and I would definitely recommend taking a visit this summer for a nice cheap morning or afternoon in the outdoors!

The trial is on all throughout the summer holidays until Autumn.

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